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The prints you see here are mostly drawings of strangers. 

I accidentally started Drawn On The Way while commuting on the F train one evening in 2012.  I was not a trained artist — in fact, I’d never even tried to sketch anyone before. But, tired of staring at a screen, I took out the blank notepad I had stashed in my purse along with a stolen pen from the office supply closet at work and looked up for inspiration.

An older gentleman in a rumpled three-piece suit caught my eye and I sketched him, not knowing that in the midst of my evening commute, I had started what would become a daily live-sketch project that would generate thousands of sketches  and introduce me to people from all over the world.

When I can, I gifts my sketches to the person I’ve drawn. This small act of sharing counters the anonymity of the city — and brings joy to everyone involved.

After six years of drawing strangers underground, aboveground and on the way in New York City, I’ve come to truly believe this: No matter who you are, YOU ARE A WORK OF ART. Be gracious, be kind, be curious. You are a work of art and you’re sitting next to a masterpiece.